Top 10 essentials for Rockabilly girls

Top 10 Essentials for Rockabilly Girls



We have put together a list of the Top 10 essential wardrobe items that ever Rockabilly Girl or Pin-Up doll should have in her wardrobe to achieve “the look”. That undeniable cute, pretty yet sassy look that is so typical Rockabilly style.

1. Bandanna /Scarf
This is probably one of the easiest and most cost effective essential items to have.This is so versatile and can be used in so many ways. It can just hang out the pocket,be tied in your hair,tied around a ponytail,worn around the neck a definite must have item for your rockabilly wardrobe. We have a nice fashion accessory set that includes this for you here: Rockabilly Accessories

2. High Waist ed Shorts.
These are another easy item and available in many different types of material and colors. Great for a cool look and can be worn almost anytime.
Great at car shows,county fairs or just browsing in the town or relaxing at home. See our shorts selection.

3. Stripey or Polka dot Top.
A fun item and rockabilly staple. Strapless top or bustier always looks really cool.
The ones with the built in cups are better as it provides a better shape. This type of top looks cute with so many things,shorts,jeans, pencil skirts or just about anything. Check out our selection

4. Hair flower.
This is another accessory that’s so useful in the rockabilly look. Available in s many varieties and colors.
Great to tone or match your color family, wear on top on the side at the back of your hair, always looks nice,
always looks super cute.Try to choose neutral colors that will mix n match almost anything in your wardrobe.

5. A Vintage style dress
A vintage party dress or circle dress is another must have, but always make sure to get a crinoloin underskirt as it gives it a better shape and look. We have a nice selection of party dresses and under-skirts available to choose from right here in our rockabilly dress selection

6. Skinny Jeans
High waist ed or low, whatever suits you best, these can be worn full length, cuffed, or the capri length.
Always available in a variety of colors and easy to get.
Whether that be in denim through to all the colors you may need to match your wardrobe. These can be dressed up or down,
and can be worn in any season,so versatile and flattering.We have a nice selection of all these styles
available for you to browse through right here in our jeans selection

7. Leopard print cardigan.
A true mix n match item, again this is so easy to dress up or down depending on how you pair it with your outfit.
Super easy to wear and so relaxing.This can be worn with or over just about anything.

8. Hawaiian dress.
These are great fun. They can be worn with or without straps, wrap around, great for shows, viva-las vegas style,
great for dancing etc and just having a great time, sometimes you can find them with a matching bolero style jacket
which just completes the whole look.Usually super light-weight so they are great for warmer weather or dancing the night away. Amazingly cute look.

9. A costume dress
The costume dress is really fun, they look great at car shows and events, they always raise a smile especially
the various Army versions,nurse etc, air stewardess and others to give that retro style and a themed look.

10.Peep-toed shoes
These are really fun, have to be peep-toes to get the right look and style. Usually have a nice heel size to give shape
to legs and add a little height. Choose a a nice vibrant color to tone with the rest of your wardrobe and complete your look. Take a browse over our retro rockabilly style shoes displayed with our skirts.


So there you have it, a top ten list of Rockabilly staples that you Gals and Pin-ups need to get that great overall rockabilly retro look that is versatile, practical, cost effective and will have looking really cool for almost any occasion.


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