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Rockabilly Jeans & Shorts

Full and Capri Length skinny Jeans & Sexy shorts

Although skinny and slim fits are the go-to for any rock or indie look these days, there are no set rules when it comes to your jeans. If you’re more comfortable in straight cuts or simply aren’t a fan of skinnies, there’s no reason why you can’t try pairing your plaid shirt and denim jacket with straight-legged styles.

Only you know the type of jeans you feel most comfortable in and that suit you the best – remember, confidence and a carefree attitude play a huge part in truly pulling off this great style and look.

How about some real cool Rockin’ Jeans  ? Capri or Full length

No wardrobe would be complete without the shorts !

Rockabilly Retro girls shorts
Rockabilly Retro girls shorts in Red
Rockabilly Retro girls shorts in Black
Rockabilly girls shorts in Pink
Rockabilly shorts in washed denim
Rockabilly shorts in navy denim with cuffs
Rockabilly shorts in blue denim

Take a look at our Rockabilly Skirts !

We love the rockabilly style and judging by the popularity of our skirts, we know you will do too! We offer a fantastic selection, come take a look, you wont be disappointed.

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